In Canada, one person dies every two hours from an opioid overdose and death totals will likely continue to rise for several more years. Canadians need to be educated and equipped to be able to recognize and handle an opioid overdose. is an online learning portal that allows Canadians to learn about the deadly opioid crisis that is currently affecting our country’s citizens. It has been developed to train individuals to recognize the signs and symptoms of opioid overdose AND how to properly use the potentially lifesaving medication naloxone.

Once you have been properly trained, the website allows you to request to have a nasal naloxone kit discreetly delivered to your home. For ALL residents of Ontario or for people with NIHB or Veterans coverage, nasal naloxone is FREE!* will determine if you qualify for a free kit. Residents of Ontario can contact one of our pharmacists at to learn how to get a free nasal naloxone kit.

In addition, and perhaps most importantly, you are provided with a direct link to a pharmacist for any questions or concerns. This will ensure that by using, you fully understand the material and how to act when confronted with a possible opioid overdose.

Meet Mark Barnes – Director of Community Outreach and Overdose Prevention, Respect Rx Pharmacy, Ottawa, Ontario

Mark, along with his pharmacist partners are very passionate advocates for the respectful approach to addiction and mental health treatment. This led them to develop Respect Rx, a pharmacy that prides itself in providing dignified, stigma-free pharmacy services to those with complex mental health and addiction issues.

Mark and the Team at Respect Rx Pharmacy has trained over 35,000 people and conducted over 400 community based seminars on proper use of naloxone and the signs and symptoms of opioid overdose.

Understanding Stigma in Addiction


Award for Ottawa Overdose Task Force


Memorial University Alumni Achievement Award for Addiction Treatment

* provides free nasal naloxone kits to recipients of NIHB and Veterans Health Insurance.