The Canadian Opioid Crisis will worsen over the next few years. Often the people closest to us suffer in silence. NaloxoneCare understands that certain situations require more intimate and detailed solutions in the face of our country’s opioid crisis. If your organization requires more information than can provide, contact one of our professionals to request an in-person or live video seminar.

This hour-long seminar provides a more in-depth look at opioid overdose statistics specific to your region. It describes opioid use disorder, using our experience as front-line addiction professionals to provide insight into why so many Canadians are turning to these deadly drugs despite the extreme danger. The conversation then moves towards how an opioid overdose will look in each of your unique environments. The talk ends with a detailed naloxone training for each attendee and we always make sure there is plenty of time to answer questions relevant to you.

After this informative seminar each person will be more empowered to act when confronted with someone in acute opioid overdose. If you want help incorporating a naloxone use policy within your organization, the professionals at NaloxoneCare can help.

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